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New Products/Features to Level Welding!!

NEW to Level Welding!!! We are pleased to announce the expansion of our business! Visit us in our NEW expanded retail section, where we stock many new items for the agriculturists out there!!! Here are some of the items we now stock..

  • small & large animal health care supplies
  • cattle & sheep minerals/milk replacer/feed
  • grease, oils and filters for automotive and farm implements
  • hydraulic hose and fittings, as well as repairs
  • ATV, automotive, heavy duty, farm, lawn and garden, marine/deep cycle batteries
  • fencing products – steel and wood posts, energizers, smooth and barbed wire, insulators
  • clothing, boots and outerwear
  • fly and rodent control products
  • Konk products
  • welding supplies
  • salt blocks & Beef mineral lick tubs

LARGE supply of nuts, bolts and washers. Also NEW to Level Welding, we now offer mineral feeders, ideal for the hobbyist and larger-sized farms alike!! We also offer bale fork attachments, complete with spears(see bale spear page on website). Also available, TUFF LIVESTOCK EQUIPMENT. Contact us for more information!!

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